Know the ABC of Bras

A bra is much more compared to just basic intimate wear for women. These act as the support which every female irrespective of the age or size requires if she wants to do things perfectly. Bras are comfort and are a necessity too. No wonder they are regarded a woman’s good friend. It can also be sultry, sexy and naughty, if one wishes them to be. No matter what a woman plans in doing, there is a bra type there for them. A female wears bra for several reasons, of these the most important includes appearance, comfort and conform to interpersonal prospects. Most bras are designed for boosting the size of the breasts. On the other hand there are others which are made for utmost ease and comfort. Still some others are exclusively designed for exercise or nursing.

Essential tips to consider while choosing the right bra

  • Body type- No matter whether a woman is a plus size or petite, they should purchase a style that fits their body type best and does not appear clumsy. In case of transparent bras, it is advisable to get one that hides the problem areas

  • Requirement- Most importantly one should make up their mind as to why they need the bra. Is it a regular bra or a sexy bra? It is important to decide the requirement prior to buying

  • Value for money- rather than spending on affordable quality bras, it is wise in spending the same on branded ones. Although a brand is expensive yet they assure quality. A better bet however is to get bra of all types from online lingerie shops. Along with saving time it is highly efficient too. The best part about e-stores is that these bring together brands that provide good discounts and sale on all products. This way one can avail quality bras at pocket friendly prices

  • Satisfaction- one should not purchase the first bra that they see. Comfort and satisfaction after all are equally significant

3 must-have bras in every female’s wardrobe

Although today bras are available in a wide array of styles and types but the three must-have bras that every female wardrobe should comprise of includes,

  • Padded bra- this is a kind of bra that has padding attached on the cups. It is widely used by women having smaller breast or teenage girls.

  • Underwire bra- this is ideal for females who require additional support as well as those having bigger breasts. The wires in this bra will work wonders in lifting the breasts via cutting down the chances of sagging

  • Sports bra- all those females who are active and also into sports should wear sports bra. These are highly popular amid women athletics solely because it limits the breast movement when they are on the move. It will help in holding breasts in a still position for helping women to move in all positions devoid of having to worry regarding their breast movements

Getting the accurate coverage and comfort is the key always. Choosing the right style of bra is essential as these not only work well for the body but are equally comfortable too.

Lingerie shopping must not exclude Accessories

Lingerie shopping is so much fun and exciting for every woman. It’s not just about shopping for a basic essential; it is about shopping for something that will add colors in your love life. Ideally every woman search a lot before she buys the right lingerie, but there are various factors that has to be considered when buying for these essentials.


It is very essential that one must buy lingerie that will match with her body shape, complexion and personality, but for enhancing the look more; accessories play a very essential role.


Yes, lingerie shopping is incomplete without the right accessories. For love making why just to get undress and start the act, why not add colors to it. So read on some accessories tips for lingerie


Stockings: Stockings add a lot in making you feel beautiful and sexy. It can be a great addition to your lingerie and depending on your thigh shape and structure; you have to choose the lingerie. Sticking does add a different look to your lingerie and thus it must be there in your closet.

Garter belt: Garter belt or boa is a great option to do some alluring dance with your partner. Incase if one feels less confident then, boa makes a huge difference in adding the confidence and add colors to your lovemaking.


Gloves: When shopping for lingerie, do not forget gloves at any cost. There are various varieties in gloves like satin one, lace one etc. however satin always has a different feel and makes him get excited too easily.


Lingerie shopping is incomplete without buying the right accessories. You must do a bit research as to which accessory will look good on which type of lingerie. However, before buying these, you must understand your body type.

It is common to go through various fashion magazines but remember that what looks good on a model may not look good on you. You need to understand your requirement and then shop accordingly.


Similarly, while shopping for accessories do not hesitate to ask the shopkeeper about what accessories will look good on what type of lingerie and then only go for it. Remember that not every accessory looks good on every type of lingerie; so you need to do a bit research before coming to a conclusion.

Here are some types of lingerie that will add color to your lovemaking

Special occasion lingerie

Raunchy lingerie

BDSM lingerie

Stripper lingerie

Classic lingerie


Remember that style, color, accessories, pattern, and material everything makes a lingerie work together. For every daywear, you may not have to do much research but for special occasion lingerie, it’s better to have the right combination of these things mentioned ahead.

So plan well and take some friend together with you for shopping lingerie (if you want to surprise your partner). You may also choose to go with your partner and buy something in which both of your common interest lies. So all the best and have fun in shopping sexy lingerie!

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